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Changers Directed by Spike Jonze
Untitled Frank Ocean Project Directed by Spike Jonze
Lady Bird Directed by Greta Gerwig
Maggie’s Plan Directed by Rebecca Miller 
While We’re Young Directed by Noah Baumbach *
Mistress America Directed by Noah Baumbach **
Frances Ha Directed by Noah Baumbach ***
The Romantics Directed by Galt Niederhoffer ****
Wendy and Lucy Directed by Kelly Reichardt *****
The Blue Hour Directed by Eric Nazarian
Head Trauma Directed by Lance Weiler


Crashing Directed by Judd Apatow
30 for 30: Unhittable Directed by Pete Sillen
Green Porno Directed by Isabella Rossellini ******
Seduce Me Directed by Isabella Rossellini
This American Life (TV) Ep “And Nothing But The Truth” Directed by Chris Wilcha 


Dearie Directed by Karen Cinorre
Plume Directed by Karen Cinorre
Big Finish Directed by Karen Cinorre
Oasis: Dig Out Your Soul In The Streets Directed by The Malloy Brothers
Sonic Youth: Do You Believe In Rapture Directed by Braden King


partial list — Nike, Reebok, Coca-Cola, New Balance, Microsoft, ESPN, Ray Ban, Kate Spade, Vonage, Ketel One, Geico, MTV, VH-1, Champion, Technics, H.I.P., H&R Block, Reuters, Partnership for a Drug Free America, Sour Patch, Hotels.com, Advil, Verizon, RTB

Music Videos

partial list — Kanye West, Beck, The National, Oasis, Garbage, Sonic Youth, Radiohead, The White Stripes, Will Oldham, Tortoise, Cat Power


partial list — Noah Baumbach, Spike Jonze, Greta Gerwig, Judd Apatow, Mark Romanek, Fredrik Bond, Kelly Reichardt, Rebecca Miller, Stacy Wall, Brigitte Lacombe, Todd Field, Randy Krallman, Alison Maclean, Chris Wilcha, Adam & Dave, Isabella Rossellini, Henry Alex Rubin, Sophie Muller, Sacha Baron Cohen, The Malloy Brothers, Diane Martel, Phil Morrison, Len Peltier, Peter Arnell, Peter Sillen, Paul Iannacchino, Karen Cinorre, Braden King, Robert Hales, Annabel Jankel, Ryan Ebner, David Gray, Heidi Ewing + Rachel Grady


Filmmaker Magazine’s “Favorite Cinematographer”
IndieWire “15 Cinematographers to Watch”

Frances Ha 
London Critics Circle Award Nominee for Best Cinematography  ***
Premiered at Telluride Film Festival

Wendy and Lucy 
Film Comment Magazine — 100 Best Films of the Decade *****
Independent Spirit Award Nominee — Best Feature *****
Toronto Film Critics’ Association WINNER — Best Picture *****
Premiered at Cannes Film Festival *****

While We’re Young
Premiered at Toronto International Film Festival *

Mistress America
Premiered at Sundance Film Festival **

The Romantics
Premiered at Sundance Film Festival ****

Green Porno
Official Selection of Toronto Film Festival ******
Webby Winner: Best Experimental Film ******